Elisa Kühnl – Οδός της Βόννης

MC and digital | Releases August 1sta3742563403_10
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Finally we can publish Elisa Kühnls vocal improvisations. Touching or even disturbing, vulnerable, confrontational, personal, tense. We dubbed the cassette in very good quality. It comes in a cardboard slipcase, hand-printed and stamped by the artist herself.

On one side: recording of a concert in an empty office building on Bonner Straße in Cologne. The audience stands at the windows on the first floor and looks/listens outside into a construction pit where the performance takes place. The other side: Recorded in the same pit one week later without audience. Alarmed by the voice, the neighborhood called the police.

Sourdure – Mantras

3LP and digital| Releases December 13tha3742563403_10
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In June 2016, the great outdoors music festival Echos asked Ernest Bergez aka Sourdure to produce a series of “mantras” set to be diffused in between each concert of the twenty-four hours event taking place in the french Alpes. These pieces were played on the festival’s gigantic speakers/ horns system in the afternoon, evening, night, morning, noon… and reverberated fully in the rocky valley. This triple vinyl edition gathers the field-recording-like captures of the tracks delivered once again through the system later that year by Ernest Bergez with the help of Frédéric Bernier, Joachim Brissaud and Julien Dessailly. A cosmic soundscape journey, to be played at maximum volume!

Released in cooperation with Standard in-Fi, Desastre and Mental Groove.

Spemakh – Nonzigo

LP and digital| Releases November 29tha3742563403_10
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Spemakh is a surprisemusic-group from Germany. Using a wide range of homemade and custombuilt wind- and percussioninstruments, aswell as viola, doublebass, voice-noise, guitar, objects and miniature-electronics, the band is aiming for a radical play with uncertainty, involving humour, gesture and collective surprise.